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Collection of Christmas frames for photos

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If you were looking for: a Christmas frame template for laser or milling cutting, you are from the right place! Good-day, dear friends! Today for you a small collection of Christmas photo frames... READ MORE

Perpetual Calendar Vector Layout

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Looking for a perpetual calendar? Take the layout of such a calendar for laser cutting. Dear friends, today for you is not a complicated, but very functional perpetual calendar. It can be an... READ MORE

Model of Santa Claus sleigh

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Looking for a vintage wooden sled vector layout for laser cutting? Take it! We replenish our collection of models of Christmas and New Year decor. READ MORE

The web-site ForDesign.kz is the place where you can find free vector images for coreldraw, photoshop and other graphic editors. Unlike other resources, where you are offered to download anything only after registration or viewing advertising, everything here is ABSOLUTELY free through Google and Yandex disk or CloudMail.ru.

Vector Images

Unlike raster images, vector images do not lose their quality when zoomed in, which makes it possible to apply them in the widest range of design art. But the most important advantage, I believe, is that the prepared vector layouts can be used in working with CNC machines. Templates of high-quality for laser or milling cutting, which are usually not available for free, are always executed by vector graphics. This also applies to plotter cutting. Once faced with the neccesity to find a high-quality vector for the plotter, I realized that in 90% of cases the image that I was offered to download does not fit. Superfluous objects, intersecting regions and lines, unnecessary nodes are making difficult to work with machines. That is why I decided to mark the selections with this sign:

vector images

Now you will immediately understand that the proposed collection is prepared for work with CNC machines.

By the way, color vector images are not suitable for this in 99.9% of cases, but for making design they are good enough!

So proven layouts for laser and milling cutting, vector images for plotter, black and white and color vector for design. Vector silhouettes, boxes, icons and pictograms, emoticons, sketches of tattoos. All of them and more you will find here! And everything is conveniently categorized to make your life easier!

Write comments if you need something or the link does not work.

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