Vector animals patterns: Beautiful animal designs for plotter cutting download.

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Vector animals in the form of patterns.

Greetings, dear subscribers and casual passers-by 🙂 Today I want to share with you very rare vector sketches.

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You can rightly note that there are many such animals in the vector on the Internet. Yes, there are many similarities, but there is one big BUT! All such animals in the form of patterns for 99% are NOT PREPARED for plotter cutting or work on CNC machines. And these were not an exception! I spent yesterday all evening to bring all intersecting objects into one, remove unnecessary areas, reduce the number of nodes, and so on. Now they will make awesome stickers on cars or walls, yes anywhere. All that remains is to turn on the equipment and create! You can also use them as sketches of tattoos. By the way, I already laid out similar on the site – vector patterns of birds and there were owls!

In the archive files in the formats: cdr, ai, dxf, eps and png transparent background.

Download vector animals patterns in one archive you can from:

(.zip file, 37 Mb)


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