A mock-up of a coach: an element of a wedding decor

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This layout of the carriage for laser cutting plywood, will help to make the element of the wedding decor – a reduced copy of the wedding coach.

Characteristics of the layout:

  • For plywood 4 mm. thick
  • Dimensions of the assembled product: 450х380х160 mm.
  • cutting length 25 running meters

If you want to increase the size of this coach layout, simply select all the details and multiply by 3, get a 12 mm plywood layout. Increase 4 times, get a layout for 16 mm plywood and so on.

in the archive files in the following formats: cdr x4, eps, dxf, pdf

↓ Download free layout of a coach for a wedding decor with one archive ↓

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  1. kim robbins

    you are amazing. thank you for the free cut files. they are great. due you take request. and donations. there are a few things I have been looking for to be made so I can cut them with my machine. if possible please let me know and I would be willing to donate also. thanks kim

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