Model of the table lamp – “Pawn”

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“Pawn” –  make your own lamp – downloaded, cut out, collected.

make your own lamp

Greetings to you, dear subscribers and guests of! I want to briefly tell those who have recently joined us.

How to make your own lamp.

If you want to make this table lamp, or any other lighting object from here, you do not need to have a laser cutting machine. Now in any, even the smallest city, there is a workshop that uses laser cutting for the production of advertising structures. Search for “Laser Cutting” in your city. Download and send your favorite layout for laser cutting plywood to them for rendering services. Ask to be counted with your material, so it can be more profitable for you, because often in such places there are scraps of material. Agreed, paid, received ready-made parts. They can be pre-painted, or apply stain or varnish in different colors.

Next, select a cartridge, wire, plug and switch and collect all in a heap. It is possible to apply joiner glue to the moment for bonding plywood, so that the products are sturdy. Nothing complicated, just insert the details one into another, enjoying the process, remembering the childhood!

In the archive files in the formats: cdr, dxf, eps

Download the free layout of this desktop lamp in one file:

(.zip file, 2 Mb)




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