Laser cut models OWL: download free

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Laser cut models OWL

laser cut models,

I present to you a laser cut model on plywood “Owl”. Cool 3D constructor for children and adults, will help to spend time. The finished model looks quite stylish and enter into any interior. This constructor plywood drawings which you can download for free, can be cut like a laser machine and the milling. The archive assembly instructions in PDF format, Corel crd files for plywood 3, 6 and 12 mm and DXF files to the same thickness.

Download laser cut models “Owl” one archive for free!

(.zip file, 10 Mb)

At the request of the author of this layout, downloading it from this site is not yet possible, but you can download it from the official website of makecnc.comm LLC a limited liability by following this link.

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