Photozone vector layout: How to make a photozone of a padishah yourself

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Photozone vector mock-up for milling.

fotozone vector

Today for you the amazing beauty and complexity of the vector layout for the production of photon. Photozone Padishah ideal for thematic photo shoots in studios, or to design a wedding photozone. Beautiful patterns in the oriental style, arches, carved pedestals and an element – furniture-sofa.

How to make a photo of Padishah

All you need is to download a vector layout of this wonderful photo zone on the links below. Next, you need to determine the material from which this construction will be cut. There may be several options:

  1. Of wood – plywood thickness of 10-12 mm. Will provide strength and durability, but will be heavy. Plywood is suitable for static photo zones in photo studios or restaurants. I want to note that the manufacture of plywood will be more expensive at least 50-70%
  2. From PVC – foamed plastic 10-12 mm thick. Such material will give ease of construction. It can easily be transported for arrangement of wedding photon areas, in places of celebrations. And the cost of manufacturing will be much lower than wood.

Then find the services of milling cutting in your city, give away the material and the downloaded layout. Pick up the finished parts after cutting and put them all together! As you can see nothing is complicated)

I will not delve into the details of assembling and attaching parts to each other. They can be many different options, Screws, corners, PVC is very good glue super glue 201 (it can be found in stores selling promotional materials like PVC itself)

photozone vector

You will need 12-13 sheets of material with a size of 1200 * 2400 mm.

TIP: Without not having experience in assembling furniture or advertising designs, do not start with the self-manufacturing of this photo zone. It is better to consult with specialists first. They will help you to measure seven times before you cut it off)

I personally did not check the layout, so be careful when making.


  • CDR
  • DXF

Download photozone vector in one archive:

(.zip file, 4,77 Mb)




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