Tea house – Christmas tree: Vector model for laser cutting

Today is Orthodox Christmas, and I heartily congratulate all on this kind holiday. On this day I prepared for you a special tea house in the form of a Christmas tree. And if you want to make a tea house with your own hands – this vector model for laser cutting to help you.

tea house model for laser cutting

If you think that making such beauty is difficult and energy-intensive, then you are mistaken. All you need is to download a free mockup of this wonderful tea house by following the links below and find a company in your city that is engaged in laser cutting sheet materials. Here Google to help you.

How to make a tea house with your own hands

And so, they downloaded the layout, found those who will cut it to you. Believe it is not difficult – one, two calls. Look for those who use their plywood, so you do not have to bring them material. The cost of cutting for the right guys is made up of the total number of running meters of cut and the thickness of the material. The thicker, the more expensive. The average price of cutting plywood 3mm for 1 pog. meter – 20-30 rubles. This model is under the thinnest plywood 3 mm. and the length of the cut is only 6 meters. accordingly, and the price will be minimal, consider yourself. About 200-300 rubles with their material.

Of course, some of the work for you will make a laser machine, but the most interesting thing is for you. Collect all the details in one piece! Here the glue will help you. The carpentry moment – quickly glues, and very reliably. You can paint with watercolor or acrylic paints. Your creative and imagination will help you!

Characteristics of the layout:

  • Plywood 3 mm.
  • The length of the cut is 6 meters.

in the archive files in the format: cdr x4, eps, dxf, pdf, jpg

Download a tea house model for laser cutting in one file

(.zip file, 8,53 Mb)

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